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Name:素上签素食养生旋转小火锅 Surely Up Vegetarian Hotpot

Add:420 Hwy 7 E Unit 26, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K2



Surelyup vegetarian health converyor belt hotpot restaurant originated from the compassionate master of YinCheng in China. The Master hopes to achieve the goal of saving lives by promoting healthy vegetarian diets. In the spring of year, by the blessing and arrangement of the Master, one of our major shareholders, Mr. RuZhi, was entrusted to all the shareholders to go to YunNan China for the investigation on natural wild mushrooms, and to go to ShenYang China to purchase conveyor belt hotpot equipment. In the meantime, Master YinCheng also accompanied and guided along the way, contacted the disciples to support and personally blessed the blessings, paving the way for RuZhi's trip to China and the subsequent opening of the hotpot restaurant. Eventually "Surelyup" was opened as scheduled with the help of the Master, the domestic and foreign friends, the goodwill of everyone, and the expectations of everyone. Thank you very much!


One of my favorite food experiences ever.
I ate here over a month ago and I still think about it.

I was here mid-March. The restaurant was clean, service was good, the vegetables were clean, and the conveyor belt experience is always fun. I ordered the rare precious mushroom soup base, and it was delicious. They are known for serving rare wild mushrooms, so even if you don't order that particular soup base, they are on the conveyor belt, ready to be cooked. I have already returned here since the first time and brought some friends as well. Everyone was impressed - even my normally carnivorous friends.

 Ever since I noticed the closure of K & K Cafe that previously occupied this space which the current Surely Up Vegetarian Hotpot (素上簽) took over, I was curious about its food and dining experience (but not before mourning a bit about my previously favourite go-to HK style cafe)... but I digress.

I had heard that Surely Up Vegetarian Hotpot had a conveyor belt which served the toppings for the hot pot portion of the meal.  I was very curious to see how it would be like because not only was this the very first vegetarian hot pot restaurant I had dined in but a conveyor belt one at that!

Surely Up Vegetarian Hotpot is located at Jubilee Square at Valleymede and Highway 7 (there's a McDonald's and Omei Chinese restaurant in the plaza too).

My mom and I arrived right at 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning.  To no one's surprise, we were the very first ones here.  We were able to select any seat of our choosing.  There were two staff members and they were getting ready to start the day as we could see.  Inside the kitchen, another staff member was preparing the toppings and ingredients for the hot pot and nothing was out on the conveyor belt yet.

The female server handed us a single laminated menu and from that, we selected two hot pots with a base soup and placed our order.  However, a few minutes later when another party of two arrived, I noticed that the male server gave them a second separate menu in addition to the one we received from which there were more choices.

I called the female server over and immediately exclaimed about the lack of the second menu upon which she did provide to us.  We also retracted our order since we were given the full menu to peruse now.  I mean... that's not fair to the customer to only receive one menu when there are in fact two to choose from.  It makes the dining experience entirely different!

Thus, we decided to choose the lunch menu which included a House Special Combo with three toppings chosen from the conveyor belt with an additional rice or sweet potato verimicelli.

[Essentially, the cost is per soup base ($5) and then per plate of toppings ($2, $3, or $5).  The lunch combo we ordered is $11.99 that includes one soup base and three plates of your choice off the conveyor belt plus noodles or rice.]

We also ordered the $5 soup base menu (I chose the soybean soupbase).  Any toppings chosen from the conveyor belt would be charged separately.

By this point, the kitchen had prepared lots of toppings and each dish was slowly being placed on to the conveyor belt and being rolled out.  It was adorable and I had to take videos of this.

I liked how each dish was placed on a specified spot where there was a coloured-coded sticker that showed its name in English and Chinese as well as the price of the plate.

Our two stockpots of soupbases (Original Wild Mushroom Stockpot and Soybean) arrived not long after.  It's a flat type of stove top where you can adjust the intensity of the heat in three settings.  I found that my soybean soupbase easily overflowed with the highest setting, so I had to monitor it frequently.

There was a do-it-yourself station for sauces just like at other hot pot restaurants.

We picked various toppings from the conveyor belt to enjoy (three of which were included with the lunch combo).  I enjoyed the experience and I definitely enjoyed my soybean soup base.  I liked how (when compared to other hot pot restaurants) I felt comfortable drinking all of the soupbase since it seemed healthier and didn't seem to contain any MSG.  It was a very satisfying meal and the price was moderate for lunch considering it was more of a premium experience.

I liked that their TV screen showed some vegetarian-focused cooking and dining documentaries.  It would be nice to go there just to pig out again on vegetarian eats while watching those shows.

For hygiene purposes, they used either plastic wrap or transparent plastic covers to shield the rotating plates from exposure to the air.  Using reusable plastic covers is a great idea; the disposable plastic wrap not so much.  So much of it is discarded after just one use...

If you share a photo on social media, you receive 10% off their regular items!

If you are vegetarian or know someone who is, this is definitely a great place to check out for lunch or dinner.  There were a lot more customers in the restaurant afterwards too.  (Surely Up also has vegan options if you inquire about it.)

Sometimes I get a craving for some vegetarian food instead of meats when I don't want to eat anything too heavy. I happened to be in the area and remembered that my vegetarian friend actually mentioned this restaurant a couple weeks back.

It's a pretty small restaurant, and most of it is taken up by the conveyor belt! There are seats all around the conveyor belt which is really neat. Super easy to grab whatever you food like. I like that they labelled each item to let you know which is vegan and vegetarian using coloured stickers.

I ended up getting the szechuan flavour soup base because I prefer my broth to be spicy. It was a little oily, but that is to be expected for szechuan anything. I should've gotten it really spicy instead of medium though LOL Medium wasn't spicy enough for me :P My friend got the tomato soup base, which I got to try and surprisingly it was better than I thought it'd be! Tomato soup base never really appealed to me but I'd actually order this on my own when I come back LOL

Service was also really great - the lady (I believe is the owner?) was very welcoming right when we walked in and explained the process to us. Though the concept is self-serve, she still came by to refill our tea & checked up on us occasionally to make sure everything is okay. So sweet!

Although this was a la carte, price point was very fair and worth it! Our bill came up to about $52 total after tax. I've been to many ayce hotpot restaurants and you would expect a la carte to be pricier but this is even cheaper than some of the bills at ayce.

Definitely recommend! I will be coming back for sure :)

It's vegetarian hot pot place. There is dish for vegan as well.

Never have any hot pot vegetarian.  It is so good,Even though I'm not vegetarian.  I love the mushroom soup basic, everyone must try it.
If you a mushroom lover, order the wild mushroom platter ($10)
it has some mushroom that I never see before

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