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LuoSiFen 回香苑

Name:LuoSiFen 回香苑

Add:514 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104



Great example of regional Chinese authenticity.
Not everyone cup of tea but for those looking for this dish I'm glad there are options!
Not super cheap ....but a great alternative for noodle seekers!


Came here for a family dinner, 7 of us. Seated quickly and service was excellent. The tea they serve is a black tea with ginseng (if my Chinese is correct :p).
We had their house special noodles, the dry style special noodles, takoyaki, calamari, chicken wings, beef brisket and signature milk tea with boba.
I liked the unique flavor of the soup, as I'm a fan of picked veggies. The crispy pork slices still retained that wonderful roast pork flavor. I don't eat pig feet like the rest of my family but I was easily able to sub for fish balls, which they recommended (and would've been my first choice). Never had this type of noodles before but it was pretty good.
Chicken wings were flavorful, crisp and juicy. I didn't try the beef brisket but everyone said it was delish. Would also pair perfectly with the soup.
Signature milk tea had the perfect sweetness for me. I normally ask for half sugar but didn't need to for this. They brew their tea fresh daily. Boba was also super fresh, soft and still slightly warm in my cup.
I would come back again.


First time eating at LuoSiFen (pronounced law-so-phen) It was understandably packed. They emerge as the premier location for traditional rice noodles famous in Southern Chinese cuisine.
The three of us ordered the traditional "Original Noodle" bowl the came standard with wood ear mushrooms be incurred bamboo shoots pickled green screen onions and vegetables, and peanuts on the side. You can add extra toppings like barbecue pork, crispy pork rind, and more exotic things like pig ear, pigs feet, duck feet, duck kidney, etc. to the noodles. I added Brined Egg and it was a good choice. We also received the takoyaki (like octopus hush puppies...but more tender) which came topped with freshly shaved hondashi, calamari with a mild, creamy wasabi sauce, and am extra side of bok choy.
Other than a bit of a delay because the place was packed, we had a fairly enjoyable time. Half a dozen people were turned away because they came after closing. This place could open later and still have business. One suggestion would be: a little bit of mood lighting wouldn't hurt.


Checked out this newly opened Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. It is still their soft opening, and I heard someone saying it will be open until 8pm. Luosifen is a traditional rice noodle in Guangxi Province, and I was really excited about its opening in Seattle. I had the house special luosifen, which included crispy pork, half an egg, BBQ pork and pig foot along with veggies and rice noodles. I also added some chili which was available on each table. The luosifen was in really huge portion, and tasted yummy. I really liked the rice noodles, which were authentic. Plenty of seats and nice service.


Finally there's LuoSiFen in Seattle! Love the soap base and roasted pork. By default its not quite spicy and you can request a higher spice level.


The noodles were tasty and I really liked the pork. The soup base was flavorful without being too concentrated. I'll definitely go back again.


This place is delicious. Vinny and Benny were super nice. The food is super authentic, and the location is really close to the hostel and train station. The tea stood out as being a bit different than what I'm used to, and they even do peanuts on the side just in case someone is allergic.


I had the boba tea. It was good. I don't know what that other guy is on about, it was really good. Sometimes, when you order boba tea, it tastes like straight sugar water but that was definitely not the case here.



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